the cd and the concert

The CD and the concert - the beginning of this journey...


In short - two things inspired this CD and indeed, this entire project; Jenni Randall’s understanding of the needs of those she had cared for when they were young and how much they still needed the care support and understanding that a family can usually give throughout life.


Secondly and simply, it was the wonderful words of the song by Eric Sedge which gives the CD its title.

The wonderful music on the 19 track CD gives a narrative which speaks of leaving home for the adult world and the additional difficulties facing the care leaver and importantly the music speaks of hope for a brighter future - for Kinder Shores at the end of the journey.

The CD was launched at a one off concert at the Pavilion Theatre on Thursday 10th of May 2018. The concert featured Richard Digance, Eric Sedge and the Hayley Moyses' Britgrass Three as well as several other artists that appeared and contributed to the CD.  Compered by the BBC's Sue Marchant - the pier was rocking on a memorable May evening and the foundations were well and truly set for this project.

The money raised from the CD and the launch concert will be used to set up new projects in East Anglia and other parts of the country providing specialist counsellors and mentors to assist care experienced young adults with a range of issues including searching for and understanding their own personal story and family history.

The Kinder Shores team are eternally grateful to the infinitely talented, generous and wonderful groups and artists that have contributed to the Kinder Shores CD and project thus far. In turn, they have become a part of history and have #changedlivesthroughmusic.

The Kinder Shores CD is for sale now, here.

'It’s a pleasure to be raising funds for such a good cause.'


Richard Digance

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