the art exhibition: no colours for my coat

Crucification of a Childhood is one of the exhibits at this thought provoking exhibition of the work of Paul Yusuf to be in 2020.

The exhibition explores a childhood in the care system, a shattered, abusive childhood. It gives voice to the emotions that the artist had repressed for many years and could not give voice to as a child.

Powerful and challenging, a combination of art and poetry, this is an exhibition that will live long in your memory.

The exhibition will be free to view but donations to the Kinder Shores Arts will be welcome.


About Paul Yusuf - the artist

Artist, poet, writer, trainer, Dad, Adopter, foster carer, Paul spent his first 18 years in the care of children’s institutions.  Here he was taught the lessons of shame, rejection, fear, silence and retribution. He says "remarkably not only did I survive, I thrived.”

He now writes a form of spoken verse and has developed a style of art which explores the emotions he was unable to voice as a child.


The powerful imagery in his collection titled “No Colours for my Coat” demonstrates a side of human kind that is shockingly cruel and destructive for anyone let alone a child who didn’t understand why he was even in care except that he knew he must have been bad.

In 2020, we plan to host 2 art exhibitions - watch this space for updates.

Crucification of a Childhood.PNG